Game: Overlord
System: Xbox 360

Users (Ars Nick links to profile here, GamerTag links to profile):

Ars Nick GamerTag Live Time Zone
Agreschn Agreschn Gold
Ajar Ajar Keen Gold
allusion kittH Gold
Anti-Klink ChrisKlink Gold
arhra arhra Gold
astroweezer chemweezer Gold
azethoth Azethoth Gold
boomerang boomerang4 Gold
BrianA Switchmonkey B Gold
Comp Guru Daphoid Gold
Control Group Control Group Gold
Daemonic Daemonic Hunter Gold
dantesan PlushFloody Gold
Deedlitcryogenic Ares in Snow Gold
delf44 delf44 Gold
English_C6H^ English C6H6 Gold
Hangfire ARS Hangfire Gold
HappyBunny Naldean Gold
Hellboy Belphagor Gold
hoosfoos hoosfoos Gold
joethesinner sleepwithmejoe Gold
Johnny Neurotic eJohnny Gold
Keen314 KeenIIDX Gold CST
Lord_Byron ARS Lord Byron Gold
Lyme LymeM Gold
Magus` magus424 Gold PST
NakedSavage NakedSavage Gold
Nekojin Nek0jin Gold
smikey Wendell Vaughn Gold EST
stumpjumper angry stump Gold EST
Thorvard thorvard Gold
Uisce Beatha Uisce Beatha Gold
von Monster von Monster Gold
ZHades ZHades Gold