Game: Halo 2
System: Xbox

Users (Ars Nick links to profile here, GamerTag links to profile):

Ars Nick GamerTag Live Time Zone
Agreschn Agreschn Gold
ajira99 Ajira99 Gold
alistarr* ALI5T4RR Gold
ArsQue ArsQue Gold
[ars]spaceghost spaceghost7117 Gold
blath blath Gold PDT
blkrockin blockrockin Gold
C0rinthian C0rinthian Gold
cmu_bueller nagiom Gold
Confi ConfiCroissant Gold
Cool Modine Soupy Frood Gold
delf44 delf44 Gold
Endymion A3ndymion Gold
evilbanana evilbanana417 Gold
fisheye skullmuffins Gold
gliff159 gliff159 Gold
Hellboy Belphagor Gold
hoosfoos hoosfoos Gold
HunteR7411 THE HunteR7411 Gold
Ice5 Potato Bagel Gold
Jnelson Issage Gold
Johnny Neurotic eJohnny Gold
Kagath MrStark77 Gold EST
Keen314 KeenIIDX Gold CST
Lordsting lordsting Gold
Lyme LymeM Gold
Mach1024 MachOne Gold
mikehd achdea Gold
naevity naevity Gold
Officer Gammell Gold
oswald oswald Gold
Psyact Psyact Gold
psychomonkey PapaRash Gold
Rest of Ever REST OF EVER Gold
sarcastic6 sarcastic6 Gold
smikey Wendell Vaughn Gold EST
stumpjumper angry stump Gold EST
sword_9mm sword9mm_ul Gold
tig FleetingFanatic Gold
VincentAvatar VincentAvatar Gold
Virogtheconq Virogtheconq Silver
VirtualWolf VirtualWolf Gold
WhiteShadow WhiteShadow2099 Gold
Zerot ARS Zerot Gold